What happens after a trauma?  What is the personal dimension of a national tragedy?

9 / 12 chronicles the struggle to heal and place in perspective the horrors of 9/11 among some of those that were most directly affected –  the United and American airlines employees at Boston’s Logan airport. Logan was the place of departure for American Airlines flight 11, which crashed into the World Trade Center’s North Tower and United flight 175, which hit the South Tower.

Among those interviewed in 9/12 was the customer service agent that closed the main cabin door of the American Airlines flight just before takeoff, the last person to physically touch the plane before it exploded in New York.

Composed entirely of intimate interviews with the surviving airline employees as they detailed their emotional responses over time, the film is a stark chronicle of the stages of psychological recovery and contextualization.

Produced in conjunction with Boston Medical Center under the supervision of Dr. Kermit Crawford, and funded with the support with the Robin Hood Foundation, the film, by arrangement with the airlines, and academic collaborators, can only be shown clinically or in public settings when the director/producer of the film is physically present.

( the film is also available with subtitles in French )