greener grass


Greener Grass


Greener Grass: Cuba, Baseball and the United States highlights the defection of Cuban pitcher Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez, who was signed by the New York Yankees in 1998.

By looking at more than a century of baseball history, Greener Grass: Cuba, Baseball and the United States illustrates the ways in which the game has served as a common ground and a test of strength between politically estranged countries. It also reveals how the sport can be seen as a microcosm that reflects divergent national identities, as well as underlying tensions of race, democracy, and opportunity.

Featured interviews include Tommy Lasorda of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who was a former player in the Cuban Professional League; Wilfredo Sanchez, Cuba’s all-time hits leader; and many others…

Festivals and Premiers

  • Banff Television Festival – 2000 Rockie Award, ‘Best Sport Program’
  • US broadcast premiere on PBS in June 2000
  • Re-licensed and re-released by PBS in August 2008
  • Chicago Latino Film Festival
  • Hot Springs Film Festival
  • Washington Post (6/25/00) and People Magazine (6/26/00) Pick of the Week


“There is nothing bush league about this vivid film”

Wall Street Journal / Dow Jones News Service


“Observations and file footage show a love affair between sport and country that’s a joy to behold. The direction, editing and writing…consistently hit the ball out of the park.”

Weekly Variety, Phil Gallo


“Wearing its heart on its sleeve like a team insignia, the film finds nobility in the hardscrabble life of today’s Cubans…Baseball may still have a place in America’s heart but the game is engraved on Cuba’s soul”

New York Times


“Another one of the strengths of Greener Grass is the diversity of viewpoints it provides and its fairness in presenting them. Greener Grass (is) a well-made, informative documentary that is about as politically fair as we have come to expect from a PBS-funded project”

Washington Times


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